My Car Engine Is On

Such a hurry tonight! I hate missing writing my daily diary. I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I have to jot down my everyday experience. Well, right now I almost break that promise. Discipline! Discipline! Determination. Those words are poking my mind. Good! Good! Good! Now I am in my car waiting for my time to go to work. I still have 38 minutes left before leaving my car alone. Thinking about going to work tonight for twelve hours shift is making me feel a longing to have a break. It is because my client is demanding. She is an incredibly fussy lady. Not many are willing to work with her. It seems everyone is not keen being with her. I understand. Looking after her overnight is not comfortable. Exhausting. Yes. You may wonder why? She keeps on repeating herself. At night, I put her to bed, give her medications and assist all her needs. She wakes up at one o’clock in the morning calling my name. It is time to give some medicine and take her to the toilet. Here you go. An OCD client will always drive you crazy. She is one of those am afraid. Not only that, she is very pessimistic. Hardly say a good thing about life. I just want to disappear when my shift ends.

Anyhow folks let us forget about her. I want to tell you where I am now. I sat on my driving seat facing sideways at the steering wheel while writing this diary today. It is a bit uncomfortable position. And…of course, my car engine is running. Yes, it is running. I need it running. My laptop battery needs re-charging right now.Noisy!

Tonight is a good night. The weather is cold. The sky is clear. It seems no rain is looming. Really nice for a change.

This morning after work I drove to Brent Cross Shopping Centre. There, I sat in my car browsing the internet. I was chatting to my classmates from high school. It was a beautiful feeling to in touch with the people I knew in the past. I am looking forward to seeing them again. I wonder how they are. What they have looked like these days.Hmm… We are all getting old. Sure each one of us has a unique life experience.

While chatting online with my old classmates, one of my new friends, Elizabeth had rung. She came. We ate lunch at Leon restaurant. The food is superb. Delicious. I will recommend it to everybody I know.

Okay, folks, it is time for me to say goodbye. My time is up… just for work. I will get ready and go. Time to switch off my laptop and my car engine.

Cheers! Love you.