At Leon Restaurant

I have been here for almost two hours just building up this abandoned website that I bought a year ago. It takes me ages to refresh the background and changing the theme. The truth is I am not a very technical person that is why I am struggling to configure my very own website. I get by as you see. It looks fresh and not boring anymore.

Surprised! Sitting here with my laptop writing my diary for today, a young lady wearing a long black dress with her head wrapped in black scarf had walked up to me. “Hello. Are you the one interviewing me?” Her eyes twinkled. I looked up. Our eyes met. “Nope, it’s not me,” I said before nodding my head. I looked down and giggled a bit. She leant back and turned to the rear of the restaurant. I thought do I look like an interviewer?

Now, I turn back and see her talking to a lady at the table a few yards away from me. She must be looking for work.

At the moment the restaurant is not very busy. I arrived here at around three o’clock in the afternoon, it was a full house. I ate my lunch here. Food prices are very reasonable. Healthy diet foods are on the menu. It seems I found a new favourite hung out in Brent Cross for food meal.

This morning after work, I went to LA Fitness in Golders Green but unable to get in. It is closed to all members for the time being. I learned the ceiling of the building had collapsed. I was advised to go to East Finchley branch. I did not use the gym. I was too tired to do some run on the treadmill. You know folks, I did not have a good night sleep. Yes! Almost five days a week.That is what you get when you work at night. Anyhow, I used the steam room and the sauna. It does help me a lot. De-stress. It’s a perfect feeling.

Okay, forget about this morning. It is early evening now. I am in Leon restaurant sitting at the single table by myself, right at the side of the wall near the entrance. I can see the sign “Nando’s a few yards away. Here, the atmosphere is cool and trendy. Music is super cool. The decor is very contemporary. It is on the second floor at the back of the building of Brent Cross. There are lots of restaurants nearby, but I prefer the food in Leon restaurant. It is not too pricey.

Okay folks, it is time to eat my dinner. It is nearly seven in the evening. The restaurant is getting hectic. Customers are flooding in.

I am off tonight. So… I will have a break and can relax a bit more. Okay folks.