Selena had woken up at midnight when her smart mobile phone rang. It disturbed her sleep. It’s one o’clock sharp; time flashed at her mobile phone. She sighed. ” It is now the 4th of December, 2015,” she thought, ” Christmas is looming. I have not fulfilled my goal… my wishes…my dream… yet.” Her eyes opened wide to see a glint of lights streaming through the makeshift curtains that she had made before she went to sleep. This is it. Selena has to make makeshift curtains almost every time she goes to sleep at night. Selena has to make a comfy nest lie on for sleeping. She tends to use some blankets as her makeshift curtains to blocking out lights at night. At this time, it seems the blanket that Selena used as curtain right at the back of the driver’s and to the front passenger’s seat had slipped down to the floor. She might have kicked it by accident when she was sleeping. Selena picked it up and put it back as it were before. Her face turned to the right. She was staring at the McDonald lights. She could see cars driving past coming from the back of the building heading to the exit. Some drivers were eating while driving away. No one can ever see her. Selena’s car is limousine tinted except the front windscreen.

Her eyes blinked. It was a bright night. No rain, clear sky and a cold night. Her eyes narrowed for five minutes. Then, she darted everywhere staring away at the neon lights at the buildings surrounding this massive deserted car park. Her Volkswagen Sport Sharan car stood out alone. The presence of naked trees scattered throughout the car park had caught her attention. She was thinking that the weather is going to be very cold soon. She sighed, looking at her belongings around her. All her stuffs are reachable even when she was lying down on her makeshift bed. Yes, a makeshift bed? Her two long-haul travel bags are put together. It serves as her bed at night. She had two decent sleeping bags and a good quality wool blanket. She has plenty reserved blankets in case she would need more during icy weather. Yes. She is an excellent planner. She worked it all out before she started camping in her very own car. Her kids never worried about her. Her son said, “My mother is a tough woman. She will be alright.” Yes, her son is right. Selena is a tough person, emotional, mental and physical. She is also very resourceful and self-sufficient. No one is worried about her. Her kids know their mother is coping well.

She sat pulling a wool blanket close to her until it reached to her neck. Her eyes scanned at the car ceiling and to the walls of her car. She looked at every window to be sure there is a little crack at the top to let air in. That is what she needs when asleep. The abundant fresh air inside. Here… she was… checking all her windows. It is a bright night. Lights from the rear and from the front lamppost were streaming through to the windscreen and windows. This is it. It is where she parks her car at night. She is sleeping here during her off nights when she is not working.

Selena is camping here for almost three months. She was enjoying it; otherwise, she would not do it.

Now, the gypsy, Selena is feeling too sleepy. It is now half past one. Time to sleep. Selena is writing her diary at the table in McDonald. Not many people around. A few blokes and a girl were sitting at the back on the way to the toilet door. She must be a gypsy too. Selena always sees her there browsing the Internet. Sometimes, she slept at the table; the head was resting on her laptop. She was carrying her luggage and kept it under the table.

Tonight, Selena is dozing while writing her diary. She is losing her concentration and seems she is eager to go to her car parked outside McDonald.

This early evening, Selena drove to Finchley road just past Henley’s corner. There he went to the sushi bar. It was busy. Then she decided to walk in at the Iranian restaurant. She ate alone at a single table. Many diners came. The noises were overwhelming, unable to write a single paragraph for her diary. It’s Selena’s bad habit to write her diary at any place she goes. Right after she had eaten her dinner, she dashed to her car and drove back to McDonald. She sat at the table alone writing her diary. Here she can stay as many hours she likes. There will be no one will ever bat an eye on her.

Now, while Selena was writing her diary, some strangers were looking at her. Her head is beginning to fall to the laptop keyboards. Well, you know, my Selena is a very determined person. Now, she was resting, eyes rolling across the room. Her hands stop typing. She listens. It is a bit noisy on the other side of McDonald restaurant. They are arguing. What the hell? They are making so many noises. The girl who was always carrying her luggage is asleep at the table. Her face rested on the keyboards. Selena was trying to be friendly with her. Sometimes when she went to the toilet, the girl looked at her. Their eyes met. They smiled. That is all.

One occasion, Selena was driving very late at night from North Finchley heading to Finchley Central, she saw this girl walking alone in the street. She was wondering. This girl might have no one; no family or perhaps she is living with a foster family. She always sees this girl every time she is writing her diary at McDonald restaurant in North Finchley Leisure Park.

Okay, it is nearly two. It is time for Selena to go back to her car and to start making a comfy nest and makeshift curtains. Time is up for Selena to stop writing her diary. She had written almost everything she had done yesterday. It is now the fifth of December, four minutes past two o’clock in the morning.