Camping At Two Degrees Celsius

It is now 1:45 am, Monday, 15th of February, 2016, still awake sitting at 24-hour McDonald fast-food. Not eating of course! It is my day off. I can do whatever I want to do, besides I am living a gypsy life. Living like a butterfly, I can go and perch anywhere I like. Anywhere and everywhere I fancy spending my time. No restriction. That is the advantage of a singleton. No one to please, no one to cook, no one is waiting and nagging. Only to please your own ego. Does it sound selfish? Maybe not.

This very moment I was sitting at the table, I can feel the coldness digging deep into my skin. My fingers are touching to laptop keyboards. I am feeling wide awake, and from time to time, I am glancing at my car parked right outside McDonald entrance.

Does life like this too? Yes! Definitely, yes. Our life is like a vehicle. We come and go.

Right now, few eaters scattered in the restaurant. One bloke is behind me, sitting there and trying to be friendly. I turn. Our eyes meet at a split nanosecond. He said, “Are you busy?” I nod. His head turns down, pen gripping on his hand computing figures in the paper laid on the table. I turn my face twice at him that’s catching his attention. He looks at me and smiles.Well, I am just checking what he is up to. No malice. I become suspicious though. I thought…hmm, hope you are not a computer hacker. My laptop is connected to a public wifi. Anyone literates about computer can see what I am up to. Well, I have nothing to hide. No secret.

At 2 am, I creep to my car feeling sleepy. It is late, but hey that is a life of a gypsy butterfly. Why rush? I have to take my time… slow and relaxed. It does not take a long time to make my bed, change my clothes to multiple layers to keep me warm throughout the night. Now, I slip into my sleeping bag, fasten the zip up to my upper waist, and pyjama hood covered my head. One more unfolded Mummy sleeping bag, a couple of winter blankets spread on top of my body. I am about to sleep. Drifting….

10:50 o’clock in the morning, awake but my eyes are shut. I can hear noises from vehicles, people and birds in the car park. I know it is getting busy. As I open my eyes, I meet streaming sun rays are falling on me. I get up, eyes peer out and see the clear sky. It is a lovely mid-morning. My head turns into my bag, grabbing my mobile phone. It says 3’c today. I do not feel like getting ready for the day. I want to lie in and meditate. I drop my body back to my makeshift bed, and then, I hear from both sides of my car, some motorists are leaving; then in a minute, motorists are parking next to mine. It is a non-stop cycle.

I get up and ready to face the day. Not quite. I snap my laptop and write. Then, I grab my mobile and make a short video clip diary for my youtube channel.

I feel calm but hungry and have this feeling that I want to go to the toilet. I can no longer lie in. Whether I like it or not, I have to get up and face the world.

Dash to the McDonald. It is a full house. The aroma of fries, apple pie and chicken nuggets have really tested my resistance to eating junk food. I slip to the toilet and reappear after ten minutes. I am done and ready to go.

At 13:00 in the afternoon, I eat nuts and apple.I notice, my food storage is nearly empty.

At 13:30, I am now driving out away from the car park on the way to my gym. At the give way line, I stop waiting for the road to clear before I join, at this moment, my eyes wander and see this ancient clock at the top of the building just opposite the car park. It is beautiful to look at. Magical. It seems this inanimate object has a hidden life that no one can see except me, is watching to all. What is happening around it, near it and a further distance.

While driving away, I regret missing my morning aerobic classes. I sigh. ” Hey, do not regret, it is your time off, and take your time.” This is a whisper blew into my ears.

Like last night it is a cold day though bright and blue sky. White clouds are floating in the horizon.