Is It Really Worth Keeping In Touch?

Living a gypsy life has given me time to ponder things in the past. Many people would never understand why I was doing this experiment living like a butterfly. It is a choice. My choice to live for a while far from a comfort zone. For how long? No idea yet… until my time ready to give up this lifestyle. It is an invaluable experience that I will cherish when I am old and about to face my mortality. For now, let me speak about something else. About what? About worth keeping in touch to the past.

Let me start…

It is midnight, 2’c, cold, 17th of February, 2016, Wednesday. Here I am sitting at the table in front of my laptop while at the same time listening to music. I hum… carried away by this sweet, romantic music by Sam Smith. Hmm… I question myself if it were really worth keeping in touch with the people I had known in the past. Is it really worth? Connecting? In touch With my distant relatives that include my cousins, some friends and classmates that I have n’t seen for many years?

What do you think? What do I think? Yes! It is worth keeping in touch and connecting with people in the past that are trustworthy, down-to-earth and what you see is what you get. Someone who is there for you no matter what.

I realise that even blood relations if you are not in touch for many years, not seen them, no continuous communication, they become strangers to you. And…if they have a different religion. Like my cousins in the US and Canada and some in the Philippines. They are Mormons. They are conservative and have different views on life. Religion can really affect intimacy to friendships and relatives. It is a sad thing. My Mormon cousins are very opposite to my own views in life. I am more carefree, adventurous and unbiased.

How about friends and classmates? Friends? I have a few friends in the Philippines that I care and always think of them. In England, just a few that I can count on my fingers.

Classmates? I am happy to connect to my classmates and some batch mates but not all. I am a hypocrite if I would say all of them. Honest…not all. Why? It is a good question. Well last month, I had a go with one of my batch mates. Was it worth having a go with Grace? Yes. I am for what I am. You hate me or like me. I do not want to be false and pretend I like her. I did not like her? And why you did not like… Grace? Well, It is not a rocket science to work it out that Grace was lying to everybody. She claimed she is a teacher in Hong Kong and telling everyone that majority of Filipinos in Hong Kong are helpers. How come she became a teacher in Hong Kong while thousands of Filipino teachers from the Philippines ended up working Domestic works. Grace had failed to justify herself when asked. If she were down-to-earth, she would never lie. Why she was embarrassed telling the truth? There is nothing wrong working as a housekeeper in Hong Kong. It is a decent job. Yes, it is not a white collar job… but who cares? Why would she be ashamed of it? She should be proud of it. She should be cool about it.

Yes, it is harsh calling her fraud. What else would I call her? The word scam defines her behaviour. You might think there was no proof that Grace was lying? Come on! You do not need to be a genius to work it out. Then again, she claimed that all works from her own Pinterest site are hers and I found out she poached works from other places and pinned them on her account. If she were honest when asked if all the jobs are hers? she could have replied, “Almost” but not a word, ” Yes” which means all are her works.

How could I have trusted Grace? Hard. Then, when someone asked about her kids? She replied that her daughter was in London studying Fine Arts and her son was in the US. Do you believe her? Do I have to believe her? If she could have lied her real status in Hong Kong and claimed works that did not belong to her, then what else next she is capable to? Do I have to listen to all her rubbish talks and be diplomatic and would say nothing? Just be polite as they say. No! Someone has to tell her that she has to stop hallucinating. Instead, she must embrace the reality. How could I believe her? Nope. Only those naive people would buy her words. The vulnerable ones.

To connect to someone just like her in the past is not my cup of tea. It is worthless connecting to people if we began telling fiction to each other. Worth connecting if we have to share real-life drama, pieces of advice, bad and good experiences in life. We can learn from each other. We can gain knowledge from one another.

Lying is not a bad thing if you are in danger. If your life is facing a risk. There is always an exception to the rule. Yes, we all human, we lie many times, but as long as not to the extreme. Lying your age is acceptable but lying about your status is very annoying. Why not just grip the real you!

Grace’s Pinterest site is organised and well-presented. Admirable. I salute you. Food gallery is filled with dishes pictures but no recipes. If they were her dishes, she must have known the recipes.On that ground, I believe she took photos from the restaurants or parties or perhaps from where she was working as a housekeeper. Or else, Grace had bought this ready-made site for a few Hong Kong dollars. Okay, I had no proof. I could be wrong. But how could she convince you or me? That is the problem. If you had lied to a stranger and found out, even if you have started telling the truth, they will find it very difficult to believe you.

Sorry Grace, I could not trust you. Do not ever think that someone was jealous of you? Neither I. You need a reality check up.

Reunion to relatives, friends and classmates is a good idea. Worth it!