As we all know HEALTH is wealth. The best strategy to ward off sudden illnesses is to practise religiously to eat more varieties of foods; the more mixture of colourful foods for us to eat, the better source of vitamins and minerals supply for our bodies, to keep us healthy. If you are keen to make a smoothy, you do so, you can mix raw vegetables and fruits and some nuts with milk or water- ( put them in your blender) the choice is yours- the better.

As we all know fruits are rich in sugar and so if you are trying to lose a few pounds, eat a moderate portion of fruits and nuts. Though eating fruits and nuts is a healthy choice, but if you overeat of fruits and nuts, it is hard for you to lose weight. Everything should be in moderation.

You do not need to be rich to practise healthy eating habit, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts and fish are affordable to everyone’s budget. Eat fish twice a week, a handful of nuts a day, more on plants and a reasonable portion of fruits daily.

Good health is our best investment.