I come across this video on Youtube and I thought this is very interesting, especially for those people who are interested in Stock Market how it really works. How to make money in a short period of time. We all know to trade in the Stock market is a very risk business. It is not considered an investment.If you do not know a strategy, you will lose your money. Therefore, experience and education in order to be literate about trading is a must to have first, before to start to trading your real money.

To involve trading in the stock market does fascinate me ages ago, but I was put off by people telling me it is a very risky career to get into, but I thought now, you have to try and learn how it works first. Learn the strategy, be sensible….

It does wonder me  why some people make so much money in a short period of time, while the most of us work long hours to make a living. Looking back, it does remind me of one of my very logical teachers in the past, he said the more you know in life, the more you will have a palatable dish on the table, but people who know little knowledge about the world, they are the people who have little food to eat and of course they hardly eaten delicious dish on the table. I couldn’t argue more….

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