A Book Within You

Aren’t we all have something to tell or say about our lives?
Every one of us has a book to write. Though, writing is not easy. It is a skill that needs honing like anything else in life.
Every person has a hidden story to share with the world but to express and jot down the words on the page is quite difficult. Where to start and where to end your own story.
I, myself, I am not ashamed but proud to share my life’s journey to the world because life is short, fragile, precious and invaluable. We all have unique life’s journey until death. In my own opinion, it is vital to write your life’s experience while you have time to do it.
I define life… is beautiful, challenging, unpredictable, mysterious and it stores surprises for all of us. That is the beauty of life not knowing what will happen next but a complete surprise. Judge no one because you would never understand a situation until it happens to you.
Here is mine. Check it out.

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