At Costa Coffee Shop

     It is Tuesday, three o’clock in the afternoon and the 1st day of December, 2015. I am in Costa Coffee shop in Brent Cross Shopping Mall. It is a very busy afternoon. Every one is minding their own business at the coffee shop. I look around seeing everyone coming in and out. I was fascinated. There is a music in the background. It is a very soothing music and I do not know where the music is coming from. It is a very nice feeling just listening to the music. I wish I can stay here longer but I can’t. I will be working tonight, a twelve hours shift. I am dreading a bit thinking I will be working. It is not about my work; it is about the lady I am going to take care of. She is very meticulous and selfish. I do not think she is a bad person. I think she is just a very spoiled lady, born to a rich family and had no idea how to be poor. She has no idea how difficult is to work as a Nurse or a Carer.

     Now, sitting at the coffee shop looking at the people leaving and coming, I wonder if they have the same experience that I had. A guy next to me who is also browsing the internet and had just drank a mug of cappuccino is very engrossed at the laptop. Two ladies and a man and a baby sitting in a pram seem so relaxed. Their eyes are at the baby boy who is smiling, clapping his hands and kicking his feet. His mother is multi- tasking. she is feeding him while one hand holds a mobile phone pressing against her ear and drinking a coffee.

     At the corner that is near to the way out, there are two ladies, chatting each other. One looks problematic. She must be in her 60’s something. Her eyes are staring at the redhead lady companion that is facing at her. Opposite me, only three yards away is a group of Muslim family. Two girls are wearing black dresses. Their heads are wrapped with black scarfs. They have a little girl who is wearing a western clothes and a man in his 30’s something. I guess he is the husband of one of the ladies. They all leave now I am writing this diary. The table is empty. Empty dishes are left. Next to the empty table, two ladies are sitting at the table drinking coffee and chatting each other. They wore winter clothes. It seems they are mother and daughter.

    Just a minute ago, a blonde lady just left the coffee shop. Her face is very taut. She is very glamorous. She seems like a rich lady, no financial worries.

     Here you go, a young girl at her twenty something has just arrived and occupied the empty table opposite me. She too has a laptop just like mine. Her hair is blonde and long. She is quite pretty. As I look up to describe her more and see what she is up to, another oriental girl has just arrived. She sits to an empty table that is full of empty dishes. She is young; she looks like in her early twenties. She just snaps her laptop from her bag. It’s an Apple laptop bigger than mine. I can see it has a personal exquisite design on the laptop cover. Oh dear! I am trying to work it out what is exactly the work of that design of her laptop cover. English language is not my native tongue. I cannot help to turn my head to my left to ask help from a middle age guy who was busy working on his laptop. “Do you know the exact English word of this,” I say pointing the cover of my laptop. His head turns to me. “Sorry I cannot help you. I am very busy finishing my work. I have a deadline to work,” he says in a very apologetic tone. “Okay. do not worry.”

     The man next to me seems in trouble. His hands hold his head. He may find it difficult to finish his project. As I am writing about this man next to me, I hear a cry. I look up. New set of people sitting in my left just two yards away from me. Another new family. A new parents with a newborn baby. Oh, I thought is the newborn baby that was crying. It is not. Further at the corner where the two ladies sat earlier at the table, they had left. I did not notice they were gone. Two mothers came. I did not see them coming inside. I was too busy writing my diary. One of the babies is not very happy. She is yelling for attention.

     I look at them, all of them. How fascinating to see every stranger. I wish I can read their minds. Sure every one is thinking of something. Just like me. I am thinking now, “What the hell they are thinking right now?” Are they thinking about job, love life, money, travel? Have they got any financial worries?

     My eyes are scanning at them. Oh, the table not very far from me is empty. Just for a second. Two girls have arrived. They took it leaving their belongings on the table.

     This is my diary at Costa Coffee shop. I had recharged my laptop and my mobile handset batteries.

    Costa coffee shop in Brent Cross is always busy.

    It is so amusing and relaxing looking at the people minding their own life. I wish I can stay here a bit longer. I have to go. It is four o’clock in the afternoon. Okay folks, I will head to the gym now before I will get ready to work tonight.

   Cheers! Love you.