Blogging Is Not An Easy Thing!!!

  It is sound too easy to blog or write everyday for your own site. It is not! Especially if you are working, feeling exhausted and you just want to sleep and rest. I feel so guilty not making an effort to write but then I only have one body. I have to follow what my body is telling me.

   Some Nazi critics say, “Hey if you want to be a prolific writer you must write everyday otherwise do not write at all.” They would like you to abandon your dream; if you have no discipline to write and post an article regularly for you own site. Well, I respect everyone’s opinion. I have mine. I think never abandon your dream to be a prolific writer even if you cannot write or post an article regularly for your own site. Every one is different, in every way, in every pace and so how dare some people are encouraging you to quit.

   Just now I have logged in to my website that I have not updated since December, 2015 and I realise my site is like my home. A home that is empty, hardly had any visitors inspire to reading at my old posts. If I am honest which I am…true, sadness pricks my ego. My site is my home, now is only me who is sitting here writing how I feel right now. It can be said my home is not empty because of my very own existence; but I have not got visitors popping by to see what I am up… Well, I am sitting at the table facing to the glass wall at the Virgin Active Gym. While writing I can see all sort of vehicles going and coming past the building. The lounge is getting busy, members’s kids are noisy as usual. The smell of Coffee is pulsing my nose. It is now 10:10 o’clock in the morning, Saturday, the 13th of February, 2016. It is a gloomy day in London. Freezing cold at 2’c.

   For the time being, my time is up for writing. Time to join my Pilates and Yoga classes.

   Good bye home! Hope I can come back soon!